How Nucleotides, the Building Block of the DNA, Can Boost the Immune System

how-nucleotides-the-building-block-of-the-dna-can-boost-the-immune-systemBegin to imagine a situation where you are presented with a weak immune system and you will begin to clearly see how your health could be in jeopardy. Many means and ways to boost your immune system are in both the public and medical domain. Natural boost immune system is one of the best ways to boost your immune system without spending a lot of money visiting the physician to give you a remedy or booster that will demand you to dip deep into your pockets. Of course a good diet, rest, water and determined exercises are some of the common natural immune boosters. However, even as you consider these lifestyle immune boosters, you also need to take into consideration nucleotides coupled with RNA as body building blocks and the role they play in natural boost immune system.

Experts in immunology and biochemistry contend that nucleotides are very important in Natural boost immune system. Their connection to the foods you eat and their peculiar influence on your DNA has something very beneficial to have your immune system working and generally improved. In fact, consider a victim of HIV/AIDS and the fact that they actually need an immune booster to survive, then you will begin to see how having a remedy or body building factor to boost the immune system is necessary.

Foods are the main source of nucleotides just as it has always been with most nutritional components that are important for the human body. Some of the foods that are rich in nucleotides and that are therefore paramount for Natural boost immune system are foods like:

• Tripe
• Fish
• Liver
• Lean meat
• Mushrooms
• Yeast
• Fungi

But to have the desired Natural boost immune system it is considered nutritionally that the nucleotides are consumed in a concentrated form.

To get a glimpse of the essence of nucleotides, it is important to let you know that the said nucleotides are components that manufacture both the RNA (Ribo Nucleic Acid) and the DNA (Dinoribo Nucleic Acid). The DNA constitutes the essence of your genes and the chromosomes that govern the basic hereditary structure of your body. The nucleotides join up together to form the ring which is the shape of the DNA, if you all remember basic high school biology. They are therefore molecules that form the structure of the DNA ladder and the pairing may be of cytosine and guanosine or thymidine and adenosines among the other nucleotide pairs. How is this information important for the Natural boost immune system, you may ask. Well the nucleotides make the structure of the DNA which consequently controls the functions of the cells and then the body; you get the drift.

Therefore as a Natural boost immune system, nucleotides are the basic nutritional body cells block and once you have a good diet with the nucleotides, you will be well on your way to a stronger immune system.

How Nucleotides, the Building Block of the DNA, Can Boost the Immune System
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