7 Essential Beautiful Body Care Tips

7-essential-beautiful-body-care-tipsFlawless beauty is a precious natural gift and it is quite certain that not all the people are as lucky as those who have had it. However, through extensive research and various tests, people were able to figure out some natural remedies that can help achieving natural beauty. It’s true that the result may not appear identical, but following these 7 body care tips in regular basis will surely help you to gain close to flawless natural beauty in shorter period of time.

• Make a mixture of two teaspoon of glycerin, six teaspoon of petroleum jelly and two teaspoon of lemon juice. This mixture will work as a perfect moisturizing lotion and applying this for twice a week will make your flaky and dry arms as well as legs soft and soothing.

• Peel and grate a medium size cucumber and squeeze the juice with half teaspoon of rose water and half teaspoon of glycerin. Applying this mixture on sunburns and leaving it for 15 minutes will provide a clean and moisturized skin.

• Cracked heels are a common problem among most of the people which can be overcome easily. Melt paraffin wax and mix it with some mustard oil. Apply on the effected area and leave it over night. Doing this for 15 days will result smooth heels.

• Coconut oil massage along with any preferred scented oils like rosemary or lavender will offer notable difference. This compound will smoothen your skin while removing unwanted spots from your body.

• If you are having rough palms, using a mixture of lime juice and glycerin in equal proportion would be a good way to get rid of it.

• Massaging coconut oil in cracked heels and keep the foot in temperate water for some time is also an effective way of treating cracked heels. Wipe off the water from the feet and apply a blend of Henna (1 handful), hibiscus flower (10) and lemon juice (half). Wash it off when the mixture gets dried.

• Rubbing scars with lemon peel will help you removing them.

7 Essential Beautiful Body Care Tips
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