Breast Cancer Myths That You Should Stop Believing

breast-cancer-myths-that-you-should-knowWhen women attain an age of 35, it’s trendier that they are closer to getting breast cancer. The rate of breast cancer among women under 50 are increasing day by day, but most of the cases happens after 50 years and can affect married women, women of high position, women living in urban or rural areas, in a word, no one is safe from this state.

It is important to understand the basic things whether it is breast cancer, lung cancer or other types of cancers since preventing cancer and getting proper control over it depends upon appropriate understanding of the nature of the cancer. Understanding cancer will help to overcome the condition easily, but there are many people who still believe many myths about breast cancer that must be avoided for a better control over breast cancer.

Ancestry Fears of Having Breast Cancer: Genetic diseases are always been a scary thing among mass people. If you see the human anatomy, you will see that every human is unique and the human body is made up of an amalgamation of inherited qualities. Which means, even if your test result shows you breast cancer positive, you still can have complete control on your in general health which can be attained by taking healthy food and doing regular exercises, and stopping bad habits like smoking, taking alcohol, etc.

Having Kids Since Breast Feeding Will Keep You Safe: Many people believes that having at least 2 kids and breast feeding them before the age of 30 can reduce the risk of breast cancer. You should know it clearly that this is certainly not an assurance of safety against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Happens with Age-Old Woman: Age is of course not a deciding factor for breast cancer, even women at 30 years old can have breast cancer. It’s been established that women of 40 to 49 years old has 4% risk of getting affected and the risk is 7% for the age group of 60 to 79. The only way of being safe is to develop a healthy and balanced environment.

Fatty Diets Will Help Preventing Breast Cancer: People think that fatty diets can help them avoiding a breast cancer situation which is absolutely incorrect. Excess body weight results in higher estrogen production, which may ignite some kinds of breast tumors. A low fat (lower cholesterol) diet is always good for your heart health and breast health as well.

One more myth about breast cancer is, it is the end of life, whereas, breast cancer can be cured completely if it can be treated in its primary stage. This is why, early detection of breast cancer is extremely important to eradicate it properly.

Breast Cancer Myths That You Should Stop Believing
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