How to Take Proper Care of Your Baby’s Health

how-to-take-proper-care-of-your-babys-healthHere are simple timetables to teach your growing baby the needed skills for independence.

Having a baby is both exciting and challenging at the same time, most especially when your baby is depriving you of sleep. You will suddenly learn that having a little drooling, crawling and placing everything to his mouth child makes parenting ohh so delightful and hard.

Experts are not giving accurate timings for the changes in your babies, when you must teach him skills and to give up those old skills, however there are signs telling when a baby is ready. You need to use this guide in taking the steps for your child…

When to introduce a solid food to him?

There are pediatricians saying that the start up of solid food should be when your baby is about 4-6 months old. As your baby grows older and starts on eating solid foods, the lesser he will be prone on developing allergies.

A sign of being ready is: a baby is holding heads up and looks at you longingly when you’re taking in a mouthful of solid foods for him and consume 30+ ounces of breastfeed milk on a daily basis, and keeps on crying for more.

It will be the right time when you already see those signs, a cereal can be usually introduced. Start on giving 1 meal per day of solid food. When your baby becomes used eating cereals in one or two weeks you may already introduce fruits or vegetables.

Start up with finger foods

When your baby turns to 7 months s/he can start eating finger foods. The common finger foods will be Marie biscuit or crackers, a solid cereal and a lot more. When your baby gets the hang in eating this finger food you may start up in the introduction of soft chop vegetables and banana slice. To give finger foods will be a nice way in training the baby in feeding and later on spoon feeding himself.

Training your baby to sleep

Training your baby to sleep is a very important area in caring for your child, having different results in studies as to when will be the best time to start it. To sleep had been defined as falling sleep with no assistance from the mother, anyone or anything else like being rock in a crib or nursed by mom.

Training your baby to go to toilet

Are you still looking for readiness signs from your child? Your baby will be ready for toilet training when s/he already say wee2x or poop. There is a study showing that a child below eighteen months old saying that they are still incapable of controlling their bladder for toilet training.

Another sign of being ready will be when your baby is more than 18 months already, he is already showing awareness in going to toilet for bowel movements like saying poop2x. He already understands basic instructions and able to focus with 1 duty for five minutes like reading books or play with toys.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Baby’s Health
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