Major Disadvantages of Smoking and Why You Should Quit Smoking

major-disadvantages-of-smoking-and-why-quit-smokingTobacco smoke contains chemically active ingredients that can do dramatic and fatal changes in human body. With over 4000 damaging chemicals including tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, metal, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and several radioactive elements, cigarette smoke is such a harmful thing that everyone should know and get rid of.

The harmful and immediate effects of smoking on the smoker’s body have already been proven by scientist and doctors. The chemicals will constrict the airways of the lungs and increases the heart rate and elevates the blood pressure of the smoker. Moreover, the carbon monoxide of tobacco smoke divests the body tissues from much-needed oxygen. However, all of these are short-term effects; there are several more severe long-term effects too.

Tobacco smoke in any form such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes cause emphysema, lung cancers and other respiratory diseases. Actually, around 90 percent of lung cancer cases, smoking is directly acting as a trigger. Twenty percent of the chain smokers have chronic lung disease named emphysema, which causes the clogging and narrowing of the lung’s airway passages. These diseases can seldom be seen in nonsmokers. Also, smokers are at least four times more probable to develop laryngeal and oral cancer than non smokers.

Smoking can cause heart diseases too. The risk of stroke increases by around 40% among smoker men and 60% among women. This addictive tobacco smoke contains fatal nicotine, the most active element of smoke that makes it not only hard but also impossible to quit smoking. Each year, more than 400000 deaths are occurring for smoking-related diseases.

Smokers not just harming themselves, but also their coworkers, family members and other surrounding peoples are getting affected by smoking. Among 18 months old infants, 300000 cases o pneumonia and bronchitis are occurring every year because of smoking of other peoples. Children with smoker parents have an increased rate of middle ear problem which causes whizzing and coughing, and worst asthma conditions. Moreover, if the parents are smokers, it is more probable for the teenager child to become a young smoker. Pregnant smoking women are more likely to deliver low weight babies and contribute to a total death of 4000 babies every year.

Why You Should Quit Smoking: The immediate difference of quitting smoke is experiencing good taste and smell of foods. Aside from that, your breath will smell better and you will see your coughs gone shortly. The risk of lung cancer as well as other cancers, strokes, heart diseases and other lungs and respiratory diseases will reduce. After quitting, the ex-smokers will have fewer illness, fewer health complications and less pneumonia and bronchitis than current smokers.

Quitting smoking will save you a good amount of money. The price of cigarettes is having a continuous rise and will keep on going in future. So the financial reward of quitting smoking really can not be overlooked. Quitting may be hard but it surely is not impossible. Think of the positive things and remain dedicated, you will find yourself as a non-smoker soon.

Major Disadvantages of Smoking and Why You Should Quit Smoking
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