Tips on How to Control Diabetes

tips-on-how-to-control-diabetesDiabetes is one common ailment today. Everybody from small to big are prone to diabetes. Controlling diabetes is not as simple as said. It becomes so difficult for a parent to stop their child from eating sweets, just because he or she has diabetes. If you have diabetes then eating rice should be controlled which is the most difficult thing to be followed by somebody whose main food is rice. It is definitely difficult to follow a very strict diet, where you cannot eat your favorite dish and sweets. But if you make up your mind you can do it. “Where there is a will there is a way”. I’ll tell you certain simple things that can be followed to control diabetes which is as simple as said.

• The first and foremost thing you have to do is avoid intake of fat, avoid ghee, cream, cheese and others. Using of cooking oil should be minimal. Doctors say that you should use only quarter liter oil for a month for one person.

• If you are a non-vegetarian do not punish yourself by not eating non-vegetarian food. Instead, you can have non-fat products like fish, skinless poultry and lean meat which is said to be very low in fat.

• Some people jump into conclusions, and start fasting, thinking that if they fast today, then they can eat everything the next day and the diet will be balanced. Please do not do that as it would affect you health very badly and would lead to other diseases.

• Fitness experts say that, the best thing you can do to control diabetes is to walk. Brisk walk for about 20-30 minutes per day is the best. Even a treadmill on a moderate speed is preferred. But no running and jumping.

• Take proper care of yourself. Specially your feet because it is believed that, if you have diabetes your feet are the first to be affected.

Thereby by following such simple steps you can control diabetes. No doubt it is going to be a little difficult initially but if you continue following them for a couple of days, your body and mind will get tuned to it. Later that will become a routine. Don’t forget health is wealth. Nobody can take care of yourself as much as you do. And your health is your wealth

Tips on How to Control Diabetes
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