Tips on How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

tips-on-how-to-keep-your-liver-healthyMaintaining a good liver is a very crucial aspect needed to be taken care of in order to lead a healthy and disease free life. Many reasons lead to the causes of liver damage in people. These mainly include our poor eating habits and inefficiency in maintaining a good day-to-day routine.

Sleeping too late and waking up late in the morning is the main reason, followed by others like, not urinating in the morning, too much eating, skipping breakfast, consuming too much of medication and also the consumption of preservatives, additives, food coloring and artificial sweetener. Apart from this, consuming unhealthy cooking oil also causes liver damage. In fact, we should reduce the use of cooking oils for frying purposes as much as possible, even if they include the best cooking oils like olive oil. Consumption of fried food when your body is tired should be avoided and you should prefer to have them only when you are completely fit. Apart from fried food, overly done food also adds to the causes of liver damage. Veggies should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts and fried veggies should be consumed in one sitting without having to store them to be consumed later.

We should try to prevent this without necessarily spending more. Adapting a good daily lifestyle and eating habits is all we need.

As we talk about good eating habits being necessary aspects for one to maintain a good liver, the time conditions that accompany these eating habits are also of primary importance. Our bodies need to absorb and get rid of necessary chemicals according to a schedule. Not doing it in a proper way and at appropriate times is equivalent to not doing it at all, because,

At evening, between 9-11 pm, is the time for eliminating unnecessary toxic chemicals i.e. detoxification from the antibody system i.e. the lymph nodes. This time duration should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If during this time one is still in an unrelaxed state such as socializing, drinking, eating out etc., this will have a negative impact on the health.

After this, between 11pm – 1am is the detoxification period in the liver, and ideally should be done in a deep sleep state.

The early morning period i.e. between 1 – 3am is the detoxification in the gall bladder, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

Morning 3 – 5am is the period for detoxification in the lungs, so spending this time walking or jogging in fresh air proves to be beneficial. There can sometimes be a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time since the detoxification process has reached the respiratory tract. There is no need to take any cough medicine so as not to interfere with the toxin removal process achat vrai viagra.

Morning 5 – 7am is the time for detoxification in the colon and the time to empty your bowel.

Morning 7 – 9am is the time for absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, so one should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should be earlier i.e. before 6:30am for those who are sick and before 7:30am for those who want to stay fit. Those who skip breakfast should change their habits, and it is still better to have it late until 9 – 10am rather than not having it at all.

Sleeping late and waking up too late disrupts the process of removing unnecessary chemicals.

Apart from that, midnight to 4am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood. Therefore one should have a good sleep and shouldn’t sleep late.

So all the youngsters who don’t really bother about the schedule they maintain, and are fond of waking up late at nights, watching movies, partying and doing crazy stuff, may not feel the need to alter their schedules at present. But as years pass by and the body system tends to grow old and weak, then will come the time when their bodies will begin to show the difference compared to those who maintained their schedules in a way they are meant to be.

Tips on How to Keep Your Liver Healthy
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