Tips on How to Never Feel Sick Again

tips-on-how-to-never-feel-sick-againHuman body is the most sophisticated creation by the nature. The complex construction has made it very much functional, but at the same time lack of required nutrients in proper amount causes malfunctioning of different parts, which we used to call in different name of diseases.

It’s true that whatever you do, it’s not certain that you will remain 100% fit and free from diseases. But it’s quite possible to reduce the effects by consuming proper nutrients.

There is a distinct connection between the food we eat and the diseases we encounter. Here you can find few tips on how to remain healthy by maintaining a proper and balanced diet.

Headaches: Eating a lot of fish will help preventing headaches. Ginger is also a good inflammation and pain reducer.

Hayfever: Eat lots of yoghurt before and during pollen season. It will neutralize the effects of pollen inside your body.

Strokes: Drinking tea in regular basis will prevent fatty deposit buildup on artery walls and therefore, reduces the risk of heart attack.

Insomnia: Honey acts as a tranquilizer and sedative against insomnia.

Asthma: Eating lots of red onions will help ease bronchial tube constructions which lead to better breathing condition.

Memory Problems: Oysters supplies lot of required zinc and therefore drastically increases mental functioning.

Cough: Red pepper contains a similar substance that can be found in cough syrup. So consuming red pepper will help to achieve better respiratory condition in a natural way.

Breast Cancer: Cabbage and wheat bran help maintaining the estrogen at healthy levels, therefore reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Lung Cancer: Orange and green vegetables are a good source of beta-carotene, a type of Vitamin A, which reduces the lung cancer tendency.

Ulcers: Consuming a lot of cabbage will provide you with chemicals that heal all types of ulcers.

Arthritis: Salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna fish is featured with ingredients that prevent arthritis.

Upset Stomach: Banana helps to settle an upset stomach and ginger heals morning sickness.

Bladder Infections: Cranberry juice contains high level of acid that is able to control harmful bacteria.

Bone Problems: Pineapple has manganese which is an active element to prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis.

PMS: Woman can get rid of the effects of PMS by eating cornflakes, which help reducing anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Diarrhea: During such a condition, crating an apple with its skin and eat after turning it brown will help a lot to get cured.

Clogged Arteries: Avocados has mono-unsaturated fat which is very helpful to reduce cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure: Olive oil and celery contains a chemical that decreases blood pressure.

Blood Sugar Imbalance: Broccoli and peanuts are full of chromium which helps regulating insulin and blood sugar.

Finally, only attaching a printed copy of this article on your refrigerator will not suffice. To get optimum result from your diet, try to maintain a balanced diet accordingly.

Tips on How to Never Feel Sick Again
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