Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Your 6 Month Old Baby

tips-on-maintaining-a-healthy-diet-for-your-6-month-old-babyHealthy diet is very imperative for your six month old baby since it is time when the entire bone structure gets rigid to support him to crawl and walk. At this period solid food is included in the baby’s diet along with the usual mother’s milk. Initially the baby will consume very little but with little patience you can get him through weaning. If you don’t know what diet is healthy for your baby, we can tell you about it.

* The first solid food which is greatly beneficial for your baby is rice cereal. Babies feel fuller with this food and nowadays even special baby rice is available for the infants. It is rich in iron.

* Give the rice cereal two to three times a day and with a gap of four days you can introduce another food like simple vegetable puree. This puree can even be mixed with rice cereal if the baby does not like the flavor. Keep on checking for allergies if caused by any food.

* When your baby is used to vegetable purees you can introduce fruit purees. Introduce fruits after vegetables since fruits are tastier than veggies due to sweetness so the baby will not like veggies after fruits.

* Latter food can include purees of eggs and lean meat, pulses and lentils and mixed veggies with rice or potato.

* Initially don’t keep the mixture thick but later you can start feeding with thicker purees.

* When many foods are introduced it is advised to give only one helping of cereal and fruits but you can dole out vegetables two to three times.

* Avoid gluten rich foods like bread, pasta, rusks and flour for eight months since they are sticky and may harm your baby.

* Keep all the food free of sugar, salt and honey.

When a baby starts weaning on healthy diet mothers are content and relieved. So feed your child with a good and hygienic diet and keep him away from diseases.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Your 6 Month Old Baby
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