11 Tips to Reduce Wrinkles and Stay Young Naturally

tips-to-reduce-wrinkles-and-stay-young-naturallyEven though people have quite a high tendency to visit a doctor and use medical treatment to reduce wrinkles these days, it is always recommended to opt for a natural remedy which is more effective and free from any kind of side effects. While aging of skin is inevitable, a managed lifestyle can remarkably help delaying the process naturally for a longer period of time. Here you can find few anti-wrinkle tips that you can adopt on your daily life to get optimum result against early aging.

Avoid the Sun: Overexposing in sun is not the No. 1 reason of wrinkles, but a study conducted on two identical twins by a plastic surgeon of New York has shown that the one with less exposure in sun looked younger and had few wrinkles than the other one over time.

Use Sunscreen: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, wearing sunscreen product when going out in sun will help you prevent wrinkles and reduces the risk of skin cancer simultaneously.

Say NO to Smoke: There is still controversy, but researches are corroborating that the enzymes being released by cigarette smoke break down important elements of skin like elastin and collagen, resulting skin aging. The St. Thomas Hospital’s Twin Research Unit found that among siblings who used to smoke had more wrinkled skin than the other non-smoker one.

Get Proper Sleep: Dermatologists say that inadequate and improper sleep will lead the body to produce more cortisol, a hormone that harms skin cells. Enough rest will produce more human growth hormone, which allows the skin remain thick, more flexible and less probable to wrinkles. Sleeping on a bad posture increases wrinkles on chin and cheeks. Avoid bad sleeping habits to prevent “sleep lines”, wrinkles that etched into the skin and don’t fade away when you wake up.

Avoid Squinting: Any recurring facial movements like squinting make the facial muscles overwork, resulting a groove under the skin’s surface which eventually turns into a wrinkle. Also, wearing sunglasses will protect the skin around your eyes from sun injury and keep you away from squinting.

Eat More Fish: Cold-water fishes, specially salmon is an immense protein source which helps building great skin blocks and also provides a good amount of omega-3, an indispensable fatty acid that nourishes the skin and keep it youthful and plump, helping reducing wrinkles.

Eat More Soy: Researches have shown that certain elements of soy helps protecting or healing some of the photoaging damage of the sun. The European Journal of Nutrition has published a research report where the positive affects of soy-based supplements can be found to develop the skin structure and firmness.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits: The antioxidant compounds of fruits and vegetables fight against free radicals, which consecutively helps your skin looking more radiant and younger. Moreover, these compounds give sturdy protection against some photoaging effects as well.

Adopt Cocoa Rather Than Coffee: Journal of Nutrition published a study in 2006 which shows cocoa features high level of two essential dietary flavanols, catechin and epicatchin, that protects skin from harmful sun, improves skin cell circulation, affects hydration and smoothens the skin.

Why Moisturizers: The positive effects of a simple moisturizer have often been overlooked by the modern anti-aging product concerned women. Moist skins always look better and creases and lines are far less noticeable.

Avoid Excessive Face Wash: A research team of the University of Maryland Medical Center has established that tap water strips anti-wrinkle elements like moisture and natural barrier oils from the skin. Moreover, if your soap doesn’t contain moisturizers, opt for a good brand cleanser instead.

11 Tips to Reduce Wrinkles and Stay Young Naturally
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