3 Tips on Look after Your Baby’s Hair

3-tips-on-how-to-look-after--babies-hairHair care for the babies is not like that of older people and aside from maintaining a healthy diet for babies, it should be done gently since the scalp of the bay is gentler. Some babies have a lot of hair, whereas some babies have very less. Whatever it may be, hair care for the babies has to be given special importance and the baby hair care tips below will be very much helpful for this issue.

• The first step in hair care for small babies is that, you should not give a lot of pressure to the soft spot on the head of the baby, thinking they are dust. If you do so you will be hurting the baby and sometimes it may become harmful for the baby also.

• Before you are going to give the baby a shampoo bath, it is important to remove the tangles in the hair of the baby. The baby’s hair might be tangled and if you give them a shampoo bath with the

tangled hair, it is going to hurt them. So remove the tangles by combing it gently with a baby hair brush or use your hands. Then give the baby his or her shampoo bath. The water that is used to give a head bath has to be warm. You have to wet the hair gently with water and then gently scrub with a baby shampoo before rinsing it off.
• The hair of the baby has to be trimmed on a regular basis so that it does not fall into their ears and eyes and irritate them.
While caring for your baby’s hair, be gentle and cleanse them regularly with baby shampoo. They get hurt very easily so gentle is the word when it comes to their hair.

3 Tips on Look after Your Baby’s Hair
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