Tips on what to eat to stay young

tips-on-what-to-eat-to-stay-youngAgeing is a crucial part of our life but you can prevent all the symptoms from enveloping you by consuming the right food. Most of us are in a dilemma about which food is healthy for our body. With the taste buds taking over our body we crave for sweets, fried snacks and junk food which lead us to chronic diseases and wrinkled skin. However, it is food itself which can escort to young skin, mind and body. Here are a few anti-ageing foods which give you a feeling of hovering in the seventh sky due to their miraculous effect on our body.

• Primary key to keep you healthy is to consume at least five portions of fruits of different colors and lots of veggies whether raw, grilled or boiled and seasoned with olive oil and nuts. These natural foods help your body’s metabolism boost up and provide you with instant energy. Your skin also glows up with natural fruit extracts. Many fruits like grapes are known to fight critical diseases like cancer. So splurge on the bounty of Mother Nature.

• Avoid salty and sweet foods since they lead to diabetes and hypertension which directly affect your heart and cholesterol. Staying young also means having a strong and big heart. Laugh everyday and splurge on natural sugar like honey.

• Greasy foods not only result in weight gain but also block your arteries of the heart leading to heart strokes. So cook food in non-stick pans by spraying little olive or sesame oil and forget about gaining weight and fat deposits. Seafood, beans, red meat, soy and whole grain foods are best to consume since they provide you with all the necessary proteins required. Besides these milk substitutes for calcium while make sure to consume vitamin-c from citrus fruits which helps you to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food. Consuming all these foods and keep up with anti aging exercise to restrain yourself from aging soon.

Tips on what to eat to stay young
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